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Smart storage solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest in the UK today, employing over 73,000 people and contributing more than £8million to the UK’s GDP. However, as a profit-driven industry the success of individual companies and organisations relies on very tight margins. Every link on the supply chain from research and development right through to fulfillment must be conducted with the utmost precision – and the role of warehousing in this process is no different.

Cutting edge storage solutions and efficient fixtures can make a profound impact on an organisation, helping them to meet the high pressures and demands on their business. Solutions like customisable racking, shelving options and mezzanine floors can add that much-needed edge over competitors, helping to simplify stock management and make efficient use of the space that is available.

Mezzanine floors are both practical and cost-effective for warehouses in need of space, and that need to operate in a timely fashion. These areas can be used for a wide variety of situations from packing and labelling areas and space for more storage through to laboratories, staff break areas and admin areas – whatever is required to meet you’re the requirements of your business.

The pharmaceutical industry presents unique challenges that require clever solutions. Products often need to be handled in a specific way, tracked and checked for expiration dates. They might need temporary or bulk storage or need to be segregated away completely from other stock in a sterile or highly secure environment.

From pallet racking to long span shelving, there are a variety of different solutions available to help you manage your inventory and meet any specific requirements and standards you need to uphold.

Logical Storage specialise in both industrial and commercial storage equipment and offer a wide range of innovative products to increase your available storage and also improve productivity. We know that no two businesses are the same which is why we prepare quotes fully tailored towards your business and its unique needs. For more information and to talk to one of our experienced team please call us now on 0845 689 1300.