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Wide Aisle pallet racking: an overview

Pallet racking is used in warehouses that store and distribute large amounts of products. The most common form of pallet racking, and also one of the most popular, is the wide aisle variety of pallet racking.

This kind of racking system is made up of vertical frames and horizontal beams that form the basis of its system used for storing palletised loads. For busy warehouses, it is favoured for a simple and easy to access design where any pallet is within reach.

Wide aisle pallet racking is quite versatile and all of the beams are fully adjustable (in 50mm increments) which means you can adjust them to meet your business’s needs. Because of its versatility and easy access, wide aisle pallet racking is often a popular choice for new warehouses owners and warehouses where there are peaks in demand.

The process of installing wide aisle pallet racking should be straight forward and quick. Logical Storage possess many years of experience in installation and all of our racking is designed to meet all European & British standards of quality. Contact us on 0845 689 1300 to discuss your needs in further detail.