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Key Factors for Layout and Design of a Warehouse

Warehouses are an integral part of many businesses operating in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to retail. A well-designed warehouse can be very effective in storing merchandise and allowing you to sort and find items with ease.

However, if the layout is not planned out correctly and stock is not well-organised, this can have a significant impact on the efficiency of a warehouse which can be of detriment to your business. If the organisation of stock is not thoroughly considered when planning the layout of your warehouse, products could be at risk of becoming damaged and may be difficult to find.

Below are some key factors you should consider when planning the layout and design of a warehouse to ensure that you make the most of the space available and that it operates as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Flow of Goods 

It is important to consider for each product that will be stored in the warehouse, how often this stock is likely to be moved in and out of the warehouse.

Components that are required for the production process more often, or merchandise that is regularly dispatched, should be easy to find and move. Whereas items that are not required as often or not as popular can be stored higher up or further away as you will not need to get to these as often, thus freeing up space for stock that needs to be more easily accessible.

Stock Levels 

Determining the ideal stock levels for each product you stock will give you an idea of how much storage space will be required for different items and help you to effectively plan the layout of your warehouse.

Type of Product 

Before investing in storage systems for your warehouse, you first need to identify whether the items you wish to stock are light or heavy, and perishable or non-perishable. You must also consider how they are going to be stored, whether that may be in pallets or boxes.

These factors will help to determine the ideal storage solution, ensuring that you invest in an appropriate storage solution that is best suited to your requirements and the types of product you will have in your warehouse.

Equipment & Machinery 

Do you or will you have handling equipment and machinery to assist you in the loading and unloading of stock?

If you have machinery such as a forklift truck, this will expand your storage solutions options and will enable you to make the most of the space you have as you can fill your warehouse vertically and stock items higher up.


You should consider the objectives that your warehouse design should fulfil when planning the layout of your warehouse. What is important to you in the design of your warehouse? If you are considering a redesign of an existing warehouse, why is this?

You may want to ensure that you optimise the warehouse space to achieve as an efficient operation as possible. Perhaps cost-effectiveness or meeting a budget is your priority and you want to achieve the maximum potential productivity for the smallest investment.

Another objective may be to streamline your process and eliminate processes that do not add value, or you may want to improve the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse to optimise resources and make the best use of time.

Storage Solutions 

For the best chance of achieving your warehouse objectives, you should invest in storage solutions that are tailored to your business, products, and objectives. Consulting an expert in storage solutions for warehouses will ensure that you make the most of your space and get the best products for your budget and requirements.

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