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How to improve your employees break area

We all get to the point in the day where we need a break; in fact it’s essential in order to catch our breath and work out our priorities for the remainder of the day. However, for many businesses the break area is a space which often comes very low on the list of priorities. If renovation is going to happen then it will more frequently take place in client facing areas such as reception areas, meeting rooms and bathrooms. However, with so many businesses suffering from high rates of absenteeism among their employees, it makes perfect business sense to begin investing in their health and well being. Having a comfortable, clean and functional break area is a good place to start.

The essentials of a staff break room are of course, tables, chairs and some kind of cooking facilities – even just a kettle, microwave or fridge. However, many businesses today often take their break areas a step further incorporating leisure activities like ping pong tables, pool tables and even electronic gaming machines. Together with comfortable furniture and a relaxing colour scheme, these types of changes can make a big difference to the morale of your employees who know that they have somewhere to relax after a particularly stressful morning. Extra added touches not only keep your current employees satisfied but also provide an extra ‘feather in your cap’ when showing job candidates around your premises. How better to show that you genuinely care about the well being of your employees.

If your company operates within an open plan area such as a warehouse then you may believe it would be difficult for you to create such a break area, however with the use of office partitions or mezzanine flooring, it can easily be done. Mezzanine floors can be built quickly and make the most of overhead space that would normally be wasted, while office partitions can be an ideal solution for a private lunch area with glass or normal wall partitions. What’s more, both of these types of solutions can be customised and erected as temporary structures should the need to relocate your business arise in the future.

Here at Logical Storage we know that no two businesses are the same and you may need a combination of different solutions to help create space in your warehouse.  For a tailored proposal designed to meet the specific needs of your business, call us on 0845 689 1300.