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8 Ways to Make Your Warehouse More Eco Friendly

Warehouses can create a lot of waste and use a huge amount of energy. By introducing some initiatives, warehouses can significantly reduce their emissions, create a positive brand image and potentially save costs at the same time. Here we discuss 8 ways a warehouse can easily make changes that will positively impact the environment.

1. Change your lighting

Ensure your lighting is switched to an eco-friendly option such as LEDs. Not only does LED lighting last longer, they produce a lower heat output and can be impactful in your warehouse. Adopting new lighting systems is one of the easiest changes a company can make and see the benefits quickly. The initial upfront cost of the lighting switch is higher than a standard switch, but LED bulbs tend to last longer than standard lighting and reduce the amount of electricity that is used. You will have to pay slightly more for the initial upfront cost of the lighting switch; however, they will last significantly longer and will help cut down on your electricity bill at the same time.

2. Make energy-efficient choices when buying new equipment

Consider environmental factors when purchasing new equipment. For example, many warehouses are now opting for forklifts that are powered by hydrogen as opposed to electricity. Charging a gas canister only takes 5 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes for electric versions. They help reduce waste products, lower your operating costs and improve productivity as the amount of downtime is decreased. Another positive is that hydrogen-fueled forklifts do not produce harmful emissions, helping to reduce the warehouses’ overall greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Use plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are extremely durable, can be used for a range of goods and when they are worn out, they can be recycled. They are also extremely light compared to other materials, meaning that they are more cost-effective when being transported.

4. Start a recycling program

Setting up a recycling program may seem like a daunting task however warehouses do have a lot of waste that is easily recycled such as cardboard, so this is a great way to start. By putting some procedures in place that are easy to teach your staff, you will soon be able to cut down on your waste.

5. Invest in better insulation

Investigate your current insulation. Insufficient insulation can result in a huge amount of heat loss. Although reinsulating your warehouse may appear to be a large and expensive project, the long-term benefits and future savings can easily offset this.

6. Build up instead of relocating

If you are running low on storage or working space, consider building up instead of relocating. It takes a lot of organization, materials and labour to move a warehouse so make the most of your current space before deciding to move. Having pallet racking extended vertically is a great way to increase your available space. Alternatively, you can consider a mezzanine floor to create another level to your warehouse.

7. Cut back on packaging

Wherever possible, cut back on the packaging you are sending your goods out in. Not only will less waste be produced by doing this, the overall cost per package will reduce. Also use biodegradable packaging as well.

8. Optimise your warehouse layout

Plan the layout of your warehouse carefully. By placing fast-moving stock in a convenient location, you can improve the efficiency of your staff.

There are many benefits to warehouses going green. It can reduce your bills, increase sustainability, reduce your carbon footprint and be a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The best thing is, even making small changes now can help make your warehouse more environmentally friendly so try and implement as many things as you can.
Although some of the steps above will take some organisation, planning and initial investment, overtime when the process smooths out, the benefits of being a greener warehouse will be able to be seen clearly.

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