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How to reduce absenteeism among your employees

Having your employees call in sick is part and parcel of running a business, but does it really have to happen so frequently?  Here we look at some ways that you can reduce absenteeism in your workforce.

While there are obvious ways to reduce illness from spreading amongst your employees such as improving workplace hygiene and ensuring that employees remain off work until they are no longer contagious, there are other ways that you can reduce absenteeism which can have a real impact too.

Making your business premises a pleasant place to work can pay dividends in terms of the morale of your employees and thus the amount of sick days that they tend to take.  When looking at how you can reduce absenteeism and look after your employees there are three key areas that you should focus on – organisation, health & safety and morale.

A workplace which is poorly optimised puts needless pressure on your employees making them work harder than they need to.  This is why it is important to periodically review your processes and see if there are any opportunities to streamline your operations and relieve some pressure.  Consider using mezzanine floors to house new machinery, assembly lines, workspaces or innovative racking and shelving solutions.

A workplace which is dangerous and has faulty equipment puts your employees at risk of injury.  If you don’t carefully follow guidelines then you risk serious accidents occurring which could put employees out of work beyond just a few days at a time. Protect your workers and your reputation by carrying out regular risk assessments.

Finally, research shows that employees who enjoy their working environment are less likely to fall ill and phone in sick to work.  So take a look at how you can improve your surroundings. Consider office partitions which can be used to create a bright, well lit area where you and your employees can take a well earned break.

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