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Why you need racking for organisation within your business

You may be thinking that when it comes to racking for your warehouse there is only one size and one style. Well you are wrong as there is never just ‘one size fits all’ as every business has its own needs. Every warehouse is different in size and shape and the racking they use should be too.

Different types of racking

Here at Logical Storage we offer all styles of racking that will fit your businesses bespoke needs. Here are some examples:

  • Wide Aisle – Wide aisling that is useful for easy access of people, goods and forklifts.
  • Very Narrow Aisle – This is useful for a warehouse with not much room as it utilises a lot of room in such a short space.
  • Double-deep – This is where the storage gets stores two rows deep instead of one.
  • Drive in/ Drive through – Racking designed so forklifts or machinery can drive in between or through it.
  • Dynamic push back – Racking with the ability to push items back through the racking with a roller system.

Together with these forms of racking we also offer mobile and shuttle racking too.

The job of choosing racking can be stressful – which is why it’s important to take expert advice.

When choosing the best storage solution for your business, you need to consider many factors, including the floor space, ceiling height, how often you need to access pallets and most importantly, how big your storage needs to be.

In order to figure out the best racking solution for you and your business, you first need to understand why it will help your organisation. The ease of access, weight capacity and storage amounts that our racking systems provide can help streamline your operations and ultimately benefit your bottom line.

Our racking systems also provide unrivalled flexibility meaning that you can organise your stock in a way that suits you best – for example by food type, colour codes, sizes, best before date, alphabetically, in order of sale volume – the possibilities are endless.

Logical Storage specialise in both industrial and commercial storage equipment and offer a wide range of innovative products to increase your available storage and also improve productivity. We know that no two businesses are the same which is why we prepare quotes fully tailored towards your business and its unique needs. For more information and to talk to one of our experienced team please call us now on 0845 689 1300.