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Benefits of an Office Partition

If you have an open plan office then it can help with work atmosphere and creativity as people are allowed to talk, discuss and contribute ideas openly throughout the working day. This is very beneficial for industries where the discussion of ideas and interaction between different departments happens during the day. A good example of this is a web design agency. There may be different departments to the agency, for example the design department responsible for the look and appearance of the website, the development team who do the building and coding of a site and the SEO team who work to get the site ranking within Google. Since all these elements have to come together to form one website, it makes sense for an open office as this allows the teams to talk easily and openly.

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Mezzanine Flooring

If you are looking to add extra space to a large open room then mezzanine flooring is a good option to add another floor to your space. A mezzanine floor is basically a floor between a floor and are often like a balcony that overlooks the open space below. The reason for updating your existing office space in this way could be to simply update the place, offering a new type of service or because of expanding the company.

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Different Offices Have Different Uses For An Office Partition

The work environment conjures up many images of employees sitting at desks working at computers and generally performing office tasks. There are a wide range of different office structures and the type of office and desk arrangement will depend on location, industry and number of staff sharing the office space. If an office has alot of staff that are in and out of the building on a regular basis, like sales staff, they may not have specific workstations and will probably use ‘hot desks’ and those may be partitioned off with an office partition to keep the level of disruption to a minimum.


These are common place in a call centre environment, busy offices and large open plan offices when all departments tend to be seated on the same level. Workers can be situated with a block to create a team environment or the cubicle can situate one person where they can feel part of the company but be able to concentrate without distractions.

Private Offices

Office partitions are ideal for creating private offices where individuals can concentrate or work on confidential issues. This offices can then be ‘moved’ or adapted as and when the time arrives.

Meeting Rooms

Often business will have the requirement to hold meetings that may require a presentation or a situation where noise can be made without distracting the rest of the employees. The use of an office partition is beneficial in this instance.

Storage or Stock Areas

Stationery and office supplies for the employees and paper for the printers and photocopier are essential to a well-run company. Although having reams of paper stacked up against a printer is not a professional look aswell as creating a potential fire and safety hazard. A storage or stock room is great for this use and can often be constructed within the office space itself using partitions.