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What are the benefits of a longspan shelving system?

If you’re in need of high capacity storage then longspan shelving could be just what you’re looking for. Longspan shelving is a fully adjustable industrial shelving system that is perfectly suited to the storage of light to medium weight items and best of it all it is low cost.

Longspan shelving systems are quick and easy to install which is helpful if you are on a short timescale. They are also fully adjustable in 50mm increments which allows for plenty of storage space.

All businesses go through periods of change and it’s very important that your business is ready to adapt – and that might mean adjusting your shelving system. Longspan shelving systems are completely ‘future proof’ which means they can be extended and reconfigured should your needs and requirements begin to change.

What options are available to you?

Longspan racking is quite versatile and comes in a variety of sizes making it a perfect choice for long or awkwardly shaped items.

  • Frame heights from 1500mm – 6000mm
  • Frame depths from 300mm – 1500mm
  • Bay widths from 1000mm – 3000mm
  • Maximum shelf loads up to 1250kg
  • Full range of accessories, such as mesh shelves, timber shelves, frame cladding, etc.

Logical Storage also offers carton flow shelving for warehouse and manufacturing environments as well as shelving for offices. To find out more about shelving solutions, please visit or give us a call on 0845 689 1300.