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Logical Storage Services

Logical Storage offer many services to help you with your storage needs. Here’s a look at some of the main solutions we offer.

Mezzanine Flooring

The mezzanine floor is a flooring level that is installed within an area to make use of the wasted space above you within a warehouse or retail store. Sometimes extending a building outwards is not an option due to land or budget restrictions. Mezzanine flooring is a cheaper alternative that will create a new floor level within your existing premises. There are many instances where this could be useful such as storage in a warehouse or offices within retail buildings. Since adding in a mezzanine level is also very flexible, you can have complete control on its size, design and location.

An Office Partition

If your company is based within an open plan office but you require some quieter areas such as for a meeting room or managers office, an office partition is an ideal solution. Either glass or normal walls can be used depending on your privacy requirements. Partitions can be created that are permanent as well as temporary structures where the partition may need to be moved.

Warehouse Refurbishment

Running a large warehouse or industrial property can be hard work so a complete warehouse refurbishment could help you in organising and maintaining your premises. A refurbishment could involve dismantling current structures, moving them or adding to them with new racking systems.