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Reasons for a warehouse refurbishment

The warehouse is one of a business’s most significant assets and an integral part of the supply chain, which means it is important to ensure that it is as efficient as possible.

If the warehouse is not operating at its fullest potential or meeting business demands, this can have a negative impact on the rest of the business.

There are many reasons why you may consider refurbishing your warehouse, such as to increase storage capacity, store a new type of stock, bring it up to date, or reduce long-term expenditure.

Here we explore some of the common reasons for a warehouse refurbishment to help you determine whether it is time to renovate your warehouse.


Many companies refurbish their warehouse to ensure that they will work effectively in the long run and to create room for future expansion.

Assess whether your warehouse could facilitate growth and house new stock and employees, should the business expand. If you are already at capacity, then it may be time for a renovation.


If your warehouse is cluttered or overcrowded, employees will not be able to work to the best of their ability. This will slow down work, as they have to maneuver around obstacles, and spend additional time looking for stock.

This can result in delays and frustration and is a clear sign that you need to refurbish your warehouse to increase capacity and better organise your stock.

To increase storage capacity, you do not always need to expand your warehouse or relocate, you may be able to just better utilise the space that you already have to meet your needs.

Revenue loss

Time equals money. If your warehouse is overcrowded or unorganised, employees will be spending more time carrying out tasks and picking stock.

They may also need to use equipment such as forklift trucks to move things around to get to what they need, which also takes time and costs money.

Poor systems

The equipment, tools, systems, or storage solutions that you have should be regularly reviewed and maintained. If they are not, or if you have had them for a long time, then they may not be up to scratch.

Whether they are broken, ineffective, or outdated, they will be a hindrance to not only your warehouse but also your business and may cause further issues down the line.

In this case, renovating your warehouse and updating your systems is essential and will significantly improve efficiency.

If you are unsure whether your warehouse requires an overhaul, or you do not know where to start, get in touch with our expert team at Logical Storage Solutions on 0845 689 1300, or email, for professional advice.

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