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The Advantages of investing in long span shelving

Having been around for decades, long span shelving is a simple yet effective storing solution that has stood the test of time. Most commonly used to store large amounts of small to medium-sized stock, it is ideal for retail facilities and warehouses. Here we advise you on the advantages of investing in long span shelving.


Although it is ideal for small to medium-sized stock, long span shelving can hold a multitude of products and is excellent for storing longer or more awkward items which are typically more difficult to store.


Longspan shelving is highly durable and can withstand constant high-volume usage. It is usually made from painted, galvanised steel which is considerably durable yet relatively lightweight.

Its steel construction means that any impact it takes will be largely absorbed so longspan shelving will not become damaged easily and is more resistant to wear and tear than most other storage solutions.

Each shelf can hold a substantial weight of up to 1250kg, and the system can be rearranged and transported several times without compromising its integrity.

Quick & Easy Installation

Due to its simple, modular design, and bolt-free, lock-in system, long span racking is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. So, if you need a storage solution in a hurry, longs pan racking is an excellent option.

Easy to Maintain

Thanks to its simple design and the lack of special tools required to remove and replace parts, long span shelving is easily maintained. As it is constructed from steel, it is easy to keep clean and is a sanitary option. Plus, its durability means that it does not often need to be repaired.


The shelves in a long span shelving system are fully adjustable. They can easily be raised or lowered in 50mm increments to suit your needs. This is especially useful if you have a variety of stock which you need to store.

Easily Integrated

Long span shelving can be easily integrated with a variety of other storage systems. They are compatible with wooden walkways, steel gratings, fright lifts, vertical reciprocating conveyors, steel gratings, perforated steel panels, and more. The ability to integrate such systems can be very beneficial, as it allows for increased efficiency, productivity and versatility.


Its modular design makes it easy for long span shelving to be extended and reconfigured. This ability to adapt is perfect for changing requirements and layouts in future.


Last but certainly not least, long span shelving is both cost-effective and affordable. It’s a sustainable, tried and tested storage solution which has become a staple in retail facilities and warehouses around the world. Taking into consideration the low maintenance costs and the durability and lifespan, it is worth the initial investment.

With so many advantages it is clear to see why it is such a popular storage system. It is adopted across the globe and for good reason. Long span shelving is ideal for any businesses looking to utilise their space as effectively as possible. It can successfully help achieve maximum storage capacity.

Over the past decade, Logical Storage has engineered tailored storage solutions for some of the nation’s largest and most trusted brands. Including IKEA, Amazon, DHL, and Tesco. We strive to provide exceptionally high-quality products that will solve all space and storage dilemmas.

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