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Transform your business with a warehouse refurbishment

If your company’s premises are looking a bit tired or you need to restore the property back to its original state then you may wish to consider a refurbishment for a number of reasons. As well as the aesthetics and the practical use of a workspace it is possible to increase floor space, upgrade services and update facilities to comply with any regulation changes.

A simple way to increase your floor space is to utilise a racking or shelving system which will allow your business to make the most of the available space while providing more room to efficiently store large quantities of items. An alternative could be to build a mezzanine floor which would provide significant extra space while having a minimal impact on the building’s existing floor space. Mezzanine floors are built independently of a building’s main structure, supported by steel and positioned between floors. Additionally, you might wish to separate certain areas of your business and office partitions can be an ideal solution to create designated office space.

A redesign might apply if you plan to change the use of the building and are required to meet new regulations. On the contrary, if you are a tenant nearing the end of your lease, you might be contractually required to restore your current property back to its original state. This means dismantling, removing and relocating aspects of the building which you have introduced. Furthermore, you will be required to repair any damage to the floors, structure or fixtures.

Any major changes to a workspace can disrupt business but at Logical Storage, we can put together a structured refurbishment solution that minimises the impact of the required developments. For a tailored proposal designed to meet the specific needs of your business, please call us on 0845 689 1300.