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Handling high-density storage with dynamic pallet racking

Every warehouse is different and depending on several factors like SKU’s, picking requirements and budgets, storage strategies can differ greatly from warehouse to warehouse. One of the options available to you if you are looking at racking is that of dynamic pallet flow racking.

Dynamic pallet flow racking is a form of racking that is highly popular with warehouses that require a high density of storage. It uses mechanical or gravitational force to move pallets within a racking system and are commonly found in warehouses handling food distribution or other high-density items.

Dynamic pallet flow racking loads from the rear and off-loads from the front, which is why it is favoured for storing high levels of the same product. Utilising it in this way can result in a 60% space saving increase when compared with other conventional forms of pallet racking. This can free up space for other areas of your business and reduce the need for you to move premises or build additional storage areas. It will also help to reduce travel times and operational costs.

Dynamic pallet racking is set on a roller conveyor track. Pallets can move freely from deposit to collection as the rollers are set at a slight incline and the speed can be controlled using wheels and breaks to slow down the movement.

If you are unsure as to whether this is the right storage system for you then you should seek expert advice. The right type of pallet racking can make a profound impact on your operations, but if you choose the wrong type then you could make things more difficult. For example, if you need access to individual pallets then dynamic pallet flow racking might not be the best option and an alternative like wide aisle pallet racking might better suit your needs.

With dynamic racking systems you don’t need to worry about disruption to your business as they are quick to install and easy to dismantle should your business needs change. This system also enables loading to be carried out across different aisles meaning that your operators can carry out their tasks without fear of congestion or interruptions.

Dynamic pallet flow racking systems can be tailored to your individual business requirements concerning the size and the weight of the items that you need to store. This will then inform the angles, size, weight bearing capacity and number of tracks on your custom-made system.

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