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Why caution pays

1974 saw the implementation of strict legislation regarding health and safety that all businesses must now adhere to, but in the pursuit of faster, more profitable and more efficient methods of production and distribution, businesses often view these guidelines as an unwanted burden. Frequently, we find examples of businesses implementing the bare minimum when it comes to meeting these standards. However, it is important that they change their attitudes and start to see that health and safety is not a burden, but is, amongst other things, an opportunity to improve their profitability. This article explains how.

Staff turnover

Going above and beyond health and safety requirements can help to create a work environment that workers not only feel comfortable in, but also in which they feel assured they are getting the best protection possible from occupational dangers. This is likely to increase job satisfaction and encourage them to stay at your company for longer; not only saving your business time and money that would have normally been spent on advertising, recruiting, interviewing and training up new staff, but also keeping hold of their valuable expertise.

Lessened threat of legal action

Many high profile law cases over the years have been found to be rooted firmly in poor health and safety practises. You should not put yourself in a position where you can be placed in the firing line because of poor health and safety standards, or better, you should aim to prevent accidents from happening all together. Going above and beyond your health and safety requirements not only protects employees from accidents, but also protects the business from exposure to litigation and negative media attention. Occupational accidents can not only be expensive, but also catastrophic to the company’s brand image, and can lead to a lot of negative PR. It’s therefore much more sensible to ensure these accidents don’t happen, even if it involves enforcing a few more rules.

Reduced risk of failure

In any case, the regular inspection and repair of machines, storage systems and other equipment, such as racking is likely to reduce the chance that it will break all together. Not only can this be extremely expensive to replace, but it also has the potential to cause harm to harm to your workers as well. Therefore, it pays to perform regular inspections for any potential faults, catching them early before them become a big problem. Cars are regularly checked for any issues and so too should workplaces, as just like cars they pick up wear and tear over the years.

At Logical Storage we believe that health and safety should be at the core of a modern business strategy. We pride ourselves on delivering a service where safety is considered paramount, not just because of health and safety legislation, but because it makes good business sense. For more information on how Logical Storage might bolster your health and safety efforts, please visit or call us on 0845 689 1300.