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5 Things to consider when planning a new warehouse racking installation

When it comes to planning a new warehouse racking installation, there are several factors you should consider to help ensure that things go smoothly and you get the best results from your new racking.

There is a variety of racking types available, and it can be difficult to know which would be the ideal solution for your warehouse.

For example, do you need standard wide-aisle racking, or would drive-in racking be better suited? But, then again, instead of drive-in racking, why not use dynamic push-back racking instead? We think you get the picture!

Having suitable racking can contribute towards improving the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse, and maximise its storage capacity. Planning out your new racking setup will help to ensure that you do not waste time or money, and achieve the best results.

To help guide you to selecting the ideal racking for your warehouse, here are some key things to consider when planning a new warehouse racking installation.

Why do you need the racking?

The first thing you should do is ask yourself why you are considering getting new racking installations. What do you wish to achieve? Do you need a larger storage capacity or easier access to stock?

Once you acknowledge the main reasons new racking is required and how it could benefit you, it will be easier to identify what the best solution for your warehouse would be.

What stock do you store?

The type of stock that you store, and how quickly it moves in and out of your warehouse, will have a considerable influence on which type of racking would be most suitable and effective.

Different types of racking are better suited to different types, shapes, and sizes of product, and some types of racking are better for a fast turnaround of stock than others.

What types of racking are available?

Do some research into the various types of racking available and familiarise yourself with them. This will help you to identify which type of racking will best suit your needs.

Here is a selection of the different pallet racking systems available:

● Wide aisle

● Very narrow aisle (VNA)

● Double-deep

● Drive-in / drive-through

● Dynamic push back

● Dynamic pallet flow

● Mobile

● Shuttle

What are the building requirements?

When planning the installation of new racking, you need to take into account your building requirements as this will influence what types of racking you can have.

Take a look at the flooring in your warehouse. The flooring is what is going to bear the weight of the racking and its contents so it must be able to support the load.

The thickness and material of your flooring, and having underfloor heating, can have an impact on the amount it can hold.

You also need to ensure that there is adequate clearance above the racking for a sprinkler system, and the height to which you will be able to reach, as this will determine the maximum height of your racking.

What is your budget?

Whenever it comes to spending money wisely and making a good investment, you will need to consider your budget.

To help you to determine an appropriate and realistic budget, you should consider how beneficial this investment will be to your warehouse and business, both in the short term and long term. Consider how much time and money this investment could save.

Once you have a budget in mind, this should help to narrow down the potential options by eliminating those that would exceed your budget.

With so many options available and a lot to consider, it can be difficult to identify exactly which particular type of racking would be best for your warehouse.

Thankfully, our experienced and helpful staff are on hand to guide you through the process to ensure that your racking meets your needs as well as safety requirements.

At Logical Storage Solutions, we do not have a “one size fits all” approach. Get in touch with us today on 0845 689 1300 or via for free and independent advice.