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How to prepare your warehouse for the Christmas rush

Many warehouses experience a busy period over Christmas which is great for the business but can make keeping your warehouse organised during this period a difficult task. Here we discuss some of the things you can implement to make sure your warehouse is ready for the busier time and can run as efficiently as possible.

Signs are a cheap and effective method to ensure a safe and efficient warehouse environment. They are useful for both employees and any visitors to the warehouse. They can help locate stock, show designated routes and traffic flow as well as warn people about any potential hazards and the location of emergency exits and supplies. When planning your signs, ensure they are all clear, concise and up to date. Remove any conflicting or old signs to avoid confusion.

Shelving and Racks
Sufficient shelving and racking are more important than ever during busy times in your warehouse. They keep stock and inventories organised and also avoid cluttered floor creating trip hazards. It also makes everything easier to find which can improve productivity and efficiency.

Check to see if you have enough space for all your stock. If not, are you able to have more shelving or racking installed? Next, organise your stock to ensure bestsellers and fast-moving stock are easier to access. If you have seasonal stock, ensure out of season products are put further away to leave room for up-to-date stock.

Are you making the most of your storage space? Sometimes organisations can be reluctant to change the order of stock because employees are used to it being there. You should not worry about this and instead ensure your shelving is being used to its highest potential. If you think your shelving is organised effectively but you still do not have enough space, consider temporary shelving solutions which can be removed once the busy period is over.

Inspect your equipment
Maintenance schedules should always be in place for equipment but be prudent before the busy period. Check everything from printers and other IT equipment to forklifts, pallet trucks, sack trolleys and the shelving and racking itself. Identifying issues with equipment can save precious time and money and could even prevent serious injury occurring.

Wear protective clothing
Always ensure PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as hardhats, boots and hi-visibility vests are worn in warehouses if there are potential hazards. If you have high shelving and racking, ensure protective headwear is always worn as objects falling from a height is one of the most common causes of workplaces injuries.

Prepare for the unexpected
Not all situations are predictable, but you can still have procedures in place to accommodate the unexpected. For example, you cannot predict or control the weather, however you could have guidelines and preventive measures put in place to ensure the least amount of disruption is kept to a minimum. Ensuring transport is regularly maintained and that you have enough staff to cover any sicknesses or unexpected absences are two ways you can prepare for such scenarios.

Check breaks are being taken
Although everyone knows people need breaks, it’s not always easy to stop and have one when you are extremely busy. However, regular breaks must be enforced. Not only does it adversely affect the worker as they can become tired and less effective, it also has a knock-on effect on others and the productivity and efficiency of the overall warehouse.

Once the busy period hits, you won’t have time to spare to implement these into your warehouse so ensure you have prepared these in advance to ensure a smooth and efficient process throughout Christmas time.

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