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The many uses of mezzanine flooring

When it comes to supporting growth and expansion, mezzanine flooring has quickly become one of the top go-to solutions for businesses across the UK.

With the rising price of property, it can be harder and harder to find a suitable site to relocate to. Not to mention the pressures and strains of uprooting your company and spreading the news that you have moved – this is why increasingly many businesses are turning to mezzanine flooring as a more favourable option.

One of the most popular environments for a mezzanine floor is that of retail and leisure. No matter whether a business is selling stationary, carpets or clothes right through to high-end vehicles, mezzanine flooring helps them to expand their stock, create departmental divides and provide dedicated areas for employee breaks. In fact, the creation of dedicated employee break areas, offices and meeting rooms is a key reason that businesses install mezzanine flooring. An example of this is in warehouses, which tend to be busy and not particularly corporate facing. Mezzanine flooring can be installed to house a quiet and professional looking space to meet important clients away from the shop floor.

However, creating suitable areas for employees and customers are not the only driver behind installing a mezzanine floor. In the production, manufacturing and distribution industries, mezzanine flooring can serve a very practical purpose. It can house heavy production lines, shelving and racking, assembly lines, and more. It can also create an isolated space away from the shop floor for highly specialized tasks that require a deeper level of concentration.

In most facilities there is an alarming amount of space that goes unused overhead. This is why building a mezzanine floor is a smart solution, helping you to house equipment, stock, or employee facilities and give your business the space it needs to grow.

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