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Ways to keep your warehouse staff safe

Staff safety is always important no matter what the workplace, but when it comes to warehouse staff additional measures need to be made due to the increased risks that can be found here. Your staff are your most valuable asset, so you need to ensure they always feel safe whilst at work so that they can do the best job possible as well as make sure they understand the health and safety rules themselves to protect others. As well as health and safety being something required by law, if all measures are carried out correctly you will end up with a happier and more productive workforce. Here we discuss what some of the common risks are in warehouse situations and what measures you can put in place, if you haven’t already done so, to ensure staff remain safe at all times.

Thousands of incidents happen each year, with the severity of them varying dramatically. Some of the incidents include slips, trips, falls, being hit by moving vehicles or hurt by falling objects. All of these could potentially be avoided if all health and safety measures are strictly adhered to. Here are some of the ways you can prevent these from happening.

Provide regular breaks
Accidents are more likely to happen if your staff are feeling tired. Although this is not entirely under your control, by proving them with regular breaks it means that you are doing your part. Also, provide your workers with a dedicated staff room space for them to spend their breaks and lunchtimes. Having this specific area will allow them to wind down, relax and re-energise before they have to start work again. Having a separate space for staff to eat their lunch also ensures that no food or liquids enter the main part of the warehouse where it could cause spillages.

Never work alone
When planning the shifts and rotas, ensure that people in the warehouse always work in groups and never alone. If you only have one person in the warehouse and they slip or fall, they may not be found quickly enough for a serious injury to be avoided.

Be careful of moving vehicles
It is common to have slow moving vehicles throughout your warehouse, especially if you have pallet racking, however you need to be especially careful if you have moving vehicles, no matter how slow they are travelling. Always ensure they stick to the speed limit and that the speed limit is clear to everyone.

Ensure that all routes are clearly marked out on the floor so pedestrians know to avoid these areas, and make sure the routes are clear of any obstacles. Markings on the floor need to be maintained as they can fade over time, which can be dangerous. Use the markings to show a traffic flow system to avoid any collisions.

Regularly train your staff
It doesn’t matter if a member of staff has been there a week or 10 years, you need to provide regular training to refresh information. Although your staff may be experts who have done the job for years, there are still elements of the training that they may have forgotten, or they may have developed bad habits over time which you need to stop. You cannot rely on the more experienced members of staff to provide the only training new employees receive, as these bad habits may be unintentionally passed on.

Stay tidy
Always ensure the warehouse is tidy. Not only does this avoid people tripping over items that shouldn’t be there, but it also will make the warehouse run more efficiently. Make sure all members of staff are responsible for tidying up after themselves.

Use signage effectively
Always ensure there are signs located around the warehouse to show important information. As the warehouse evolves and grows, ensure the signs are always kept relevant. If some are now out of date, other more important signs could be ignored as staff are confused. Clear signs will also help visitors and people driving vehicles.

Provide proper working at height training
Sometimes its unavoidable and people will have to work from a height. Make sure staff are correctly trained for this and keep up to date with all the relevant regulations.

Always wear protective equipment
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should always be provided and worn at all times. Hard hats help reduce damage if anything falls from a height, high vis jackets ensure members of staff are easily seen. Other forms of PPE include safety shoes, eye protection and hearing protection. Ensure each individual has the correct equipment assigned to them as it will vary depending on the role they are undertaking.

Be prepared for a fire
Fires in warehouses can cause significant damage and quickly, destroying both your stock and equipment, and potentially putting your employees’ lives in danger. Fires are sometimes unavoidable so you need to be prepared for the worse. Ensure you have a plan in place for such an event occurring. Have fire exits and extinguishers clearly accessible and visible. Make sure there are no obstacles placed between the employees and the fire exits. Ensure there are a sufficient amount of fire wardens and hold fire drills on a regular basis.

Do safety checks regularly
Ensure there are regular checks on all of the equipment but also on your shelving and racking. Check for damage and repair when necessary. If the shelving or racking is becoming old, it can have fatal consequences. Make sure your shelving and racking is always repaired when damaged and replaced completely when its old.

These are just some of the ways in which you can protect your warehouse staff and ensure a safe working environment. Here at Logical Storage we can offer high quality racking inspections for your business and discuss your racking requirements. Click here for more details or call us on 0845 689 1300.