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Why choose a glass office partition?

Whether you have moved to brand new premises and you need to make them more efficient to suit your needs, or you feel that your current office or warehouse is tired and outdated, office partitions are a clever way to remodel a workspace.

There are many different options for office partitions, which include aluminium demountable partitions, standard stud and track plasterboard, steel partition systems and glazed partitions. It is the latter which we are going to look at in some more detail in this article.

Glazed partitions are a noticeable way to transform your working space into a contemporary office, with plenty of light and space. They also provide you with privacy in the form of frosted glass or blinds and can reduce noise for discretion when meeting with employees or clients or making external phone calls.

They can therefore help you to achieve a well laid out and professional office, which can have a big impact on your staff and your clients, and can make your business more efficient and more productive in the long run.

Some of the key points about our fully or partially glazed partition systems are:

  • They are constructed from toughened glass
  • They utilise a stud and track system
  • They feature colour coded edge beading to match corporate colours or interior decor
  • They can be fitted with venetian blinds in a range of colours

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