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Understand Pallet Racking Safety Procedures

A warehouse with rows and rows of pallet racking can become a dangerous area to work if the health and safety guidelines are not followed. Racking safety must be a high priority in any warehouse or storage area as the size and weight of pallets can cause injury if not used correctly.  There are several important safety factors that warehouse owners and employees need to consider with pallet racking safety and some of these are listed below:

  1. Conduct regular pallet rack inspections to make sure there are no loose components and take the time to report any pallet rack frame damage. The damage can be anything that would make the frames fall
  2. It is the owners legal responsibility to convey and communicate the need to check the storage racks.
  3. Never climb on the pallet racks during or after they have been assembled as they are not designed to be climbed on.
  4. Make sure that the correct motorized equipment is always used.
  5. The aisles in the warehouse must not be obstructed at any time. This is a health and safety requirement as pallets stored at the end of the aisles can cause problems loading and unloading, but also when manoeuvring with machinery. In the event of an emergency exit all aisles need to be clear.
  6. Never overload or exceed the recommended load specifications of any pallet racking system.
  7. Make sure that pallet rack inspections, or rack audits, are performed on a regular basis by a qualified professional to make sure that all aspects of the system are operating effectively and safely.