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Expanding your business without losing your customers

One of the biggest concerns that many businesses have with moving premises is the risk of losing customers. Businesses spend many years building up their reputation and establishing a loyal base of customers and there is potential for losing them by relocating somewhere different.

However, it is possible to expand and upgrade your facilities without leaving your current site. This allows you to maximise your businesses capabilities without having to endure the cost, time and effort that comes with uprooting. This is especially the case at a time when purchasing commercial property comes at such a high cost.

An effective solution to this problem comes in the shape of mezzanine flooring. This is a type of flooring which can make the most of the upper areas of your building – space which would normally be wasted. Many warehouses, factories, retail units, car showrooms, restaurants and many other types of units have vertical space which could be used to create additional room. This space can then be used to house new assembly lines, racking, seating area, toilets, meeting rooms, whatever it is that you need to make space for.

What’s more, the process of installing and erecting a mezzanine floor can be over in just a matter of weeks.  This is much less stressful for you when compared with moving to a new property which will often take a very long time when you bear in mind the time it takes to find a suitable property, raise the capital to purchase it, sell your current premises, wait for all the formalities to take place, inform your customers and employees and actually move in to your new site.

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