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Organise your warehouse for 2016

Christmas will arrive and be over before we know, but it offers an important time for reflection with an opportunity to think about how you can push your business forward in the year to come. One easy way that you can do this is by making sure that your warehouse is as efficient as possible.

You can start by thinking about which areas of the warehouse are operating efficiently and which could do with better organisation. The best place to start is by talking to your employees to find out what day to day problems they actually encounter. For example if staff are finding that one item is very popular could you utilize push back racking to allow easy access or could you install double-deep racking to increase your storage capacity for said item.

Identifying overstock is also very important. Items which are not needed, aren’t selling or are just overstocked should be cleared out or moved elsewhere so that you can use that space for more profitable stock. General housekeeping should also never be overlooked, as time spent searching for wrongly placed items or clearing boxes from aisles is wasted time.

A mezzanine floor could also make a big difference to your warehouse, allowing you to arrange your stock more efficiently, increase your storage capacity or even provide you with a dedicated picking and packing area, simply by utilising the upper areas of your building that would normally be wasted. There are infinite design possibilities with a mezzanine floor and they are always tailored towards the requirements of the business having them installed.

Office partitions are another way to improve productivity. They can be set up as admin areas providing you with a distraction free space to complete paperwork, conduct meetings and take phone calls, or alternatively they could be used as a space for staff to take their lunch.

Logical Storage’s experienced team can help your warehouse to perform to its maximum potential. For more information on our racking solutions, mezzanine floors and office partitions please visit Alternatively, please call us on 0845 689 1300 for a tailored proposal.