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An overview of Carton Flow racking

When it comes to storage, many businesses find themselves at a loss as how to make the most of the space that they have available. Logical Storage provides a wide range of storage solutions to help make the most of the space that businesses have to work with; one of these solutions comes in the form of Carton Flow racking.

Carton Flow racking is an innovative shelving system which utilises wheels and rollers to move products from one end of a rack to another – saving the operator and the business valuable time, reducing travel time and saving up to 30% floor space.

The picking system that Carton Flow racking uses is made up of wheels and roller shelves which are slightly tilted in order to gravitate products towards the person who is picking them which decreases picking times and maximises efficiency. The operator hand loads the product into the back of the system and can stand back as it is automatically moved to the front of the system ready to be retrieved by another operator. This reduces distribution times and helps to reduce the risk of accidents which might occur during normal transit.

Carton Flow racking is a high performance dynamic storage system and as you might expect, the initial investment costs are higher compared with static solutions like office shelving,  To discuss Carton Flow racking or to find out more about our other storage options please call us on 0845 689 1300.