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Common warehouse storage management mistakes

Anyone running a warehouse will know that the better organised it is, the more efficient it will be. Higher efficiency means less unnecessary expense and more productivity.

Mistakes lead to inefficiencies, so it is important that any mistakes are identified and rectified as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the most common warehouse storage management mistakes and how to combat them to ensure your warehouse maximises its potential.

Overlapping goods in and out

Having separate goods in and goods out areas will help to make sure that neither becomes too congested and the stock does not get mixed up.

If it is not possible to have two separate areas apart from one another, at least ensure that they are clearly defined and signposted to avoid confusion.

Small goods in or out area

Sufficiently sized goods in and goods out areas are critical to a well-functioning warehouse.

If either area is too small, it will make it difficult to efficiently receive or dispatch, and inspect, label and sort incoming and outcoming goods.

Inefficient picking aisles

If the aisles in the warehouse are not organised well, clear of obstructions, or marked then it can be difficult for pickers to locate stock.

Items that are needed more frequently should be easy to get to, and located closer to the packing station to reduce time searching for and picking the items.

Lack of a deadstock plan

Most warehouses will contain deadstock; items that are not up to quality standards, have been damaged or returned, or simply do not get used or bought.

You need to have a plan for the storage and management of deadstock. Deadstock should be kept separately from regular stock and should be clearly labelled so that pickers do not accidentally use or send out these items.

You may want to try and sell these items at a reduced rate, and then dispose of them or donate them if they do not sell within a certain amount of time, so as to not accumulate too much deadstock that will take up valuable space.

Unclear signage and labelling

The warehouse and everything within it, including areas, aisles, stock, equipment and tools, should all be clearly signposted and labelled.

This will help to ensure the smooth running of your warehouse. You could implement a barcoding system, or colour coding to make things or areas easily and quickly recognisable for warehouse workers.

Poor equipment or storage system

One of the biggest and most common mistakes is the use of inadequate equipment, tools, or storage systems or solutions.

You must make sure that the equipment and systems used in your warehouse are of good quality, and are reliable and as effective as possible.

The storage systems should be tailored to the type of stock that you have in your warehouse and should be regularly checked and reviewed to ensure their suitability.

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