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How to meet growing demand for your goods

Any business is pleased when orders begin flying out the doors. However, while an increase in demand for your products is a positive thing, it can also provide headaches if you aren’t adequately prepared to deal with it. An increase in sales can put pressure on your staff and your infrastructure, which can eventually leave question marks over whether or not your warehouse or other business premises can sustain growth. However, there are some solutions out there to help you cope.

One way to meet growing demand and cope with the pressures of added work is to consider outsourcing some of your duties. This might mean asking another experienced and trusted business to help handle some of your work, for example by handling your human resources work, sales or even order fulfilment.  However, many business owners are understandably wary of outsourcing work away from their watchful eye.

An alternative to outsourcing work would be to ask your employees to work longer hours. The added time clocked in may allow for more work to be done and you can ensure that it meets your standards. However, asking your employees to work longer hours can often lead to poor morale, higher levels of absenteeism and may cause the quality of work to suffer. You could also consider employing another member of staff, but should the growth in your business not sustain itself you may find that you are left with an employee that is surplus to your requirements and hard to get rid of.

In our opinion there are better alternatives available to businesses when it comes to meeting demand. One way to adapt your business during a high pressure period is to consider how you can improve the layout of your site. Are there processes that could be sped up by better organisation – such as by using pallet racking or long span shelving? Both of these solutions can allow you to better organise your stock and provide you with more space and flexibility in your operations. A further way to increase your storage capacity is to consider installing a mezzanine floor. A mezzanine floor makes the most of the vertical space in your warehouse and allows you to operate in space that would normally be wasted. You can then use this newly created space to house machinery, equipment or better organise your current stock.

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