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What is dynamic push back racking?

One of the most important factors affecting warehouse productivity is the way that products are stored and retrieved. Taking the time to consider a different form of storage could help to improve your overall efficiency and give you a competitive edge over your rivals. One such racking system which can make a big difference to your operations is dynamic push back racking.

With this type of racking, you can hold up to six pallets and quickly retrieve them. Dynamic push back racking uses trolleys and steel guide channels to hold pallets, and loads them on a slight incline which means that when you remove one pallet, the other pallets move forward by themselves filling the remaining space.

This means that the fork-lift operator can quickly retrieve pallets, as they come to them rather than the other way round. Push back racking is quick and easy to install and is estimated to improve warehouse efficiency by up to 25% when compared with Drive-in racking.

Push back racking is a great solution for your business if you have high density storage, particularly if you are stocking high quantities of the same item. Push back racking uses a Last-In First-Out principle (LIFO) which means that each time you remove a pallet or load one in it will always remain at the front of your racking allowing you quick and easy access with no unnecessary handling.

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