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Which businesses can benefit from mezzanine flooring and why?

Mezzanine flooring can offer many benefits to businesses in most industries. They offer versatile additional space which can be used for storage, office, or workspace.

Read on to discover some of the key businesses which can benefit from a mezzanine floor and why. First, here is an overview of what a mezzanine floor is.

What is a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine is a smaller intermediate floor between the main floor and the floor or ceiling above. It can be freestanding or attached to an existing wall.

It does not cover the whole floor space so you can see the floor below from it and it does not typically qualify as a floor within a building.

Mezzanine floors are a cost-effective solution to expanding a space without having to relocate or undertake major construction work.

Now here are some of the business types or sectors that are most likely to reap the rewards from mezzanine flooring and why.


If you have a company that provides self-storage facilities for your customers, space equals money and, if you experience increased demand, you may find yourself needing more space so that you can take on more customers.

Rather than hiking up rental costs or construction fees, or purchasing more property, consider a mezzanine floor which will be a quicker and more cost-effective solution instead.

Industrial and manufacturing

Ample storage and working space are essential to businesses in the industrial sector. A cramped work area can have a negative impact on productivity and efficiency, as well as being potentially dangerous.

A mezzanine will provide you with an additional work area or storage space so that you can free up more space and reduce clutter elsewhere to avoid errors and accidents.

Another potential benefit of mezzanine floors in manufacturing businesses is that they can also serve as a sort of bridge, allowing you to get from one area to another, or as a viewing platform for visitors and tours of the premises, without having to go through the factory.

Restaurants and eateries

If you operate a restaurant business that is regularly full and you are having to turn customers away, mezzanine flooring may be the solution you need.

Location is often key for eateries so if you move to larger premises you may lose loyal customers and not get the same footfall. Rather than cramming more tables and chairs into the existing space, add a mezzanine on which you can accommodate more guests.


Much like with restaurants, location is key when it comes to retail space, and the cost of commercial space is increasing, especially in sought-after areas.

When it comes to needing more space, relocation is not always feasible, and expanding outwards or upwards may not be possible if you have shops or other commercial space above or beside you.

If you want to expand your stock, or simply spread out your existing stock, increase your offering to include workshops or a cafe, then consider a mezzanine floor.


An organised and tidy workspace makes for a productive and efficient workforce. If your offices are starting to look cluttered or you are expanding, or there is little recreational space, consider adding a mezzanine floor.

This will allow you to declutter your offices, add more office or meeting space, or even add a seating area where staff can relax during their breaks.

Gyms and leisure centres

Leisure facilities should be spacious and airy, not cramped and cluttered, both for safety and wellness.

You need to have a safe distance between gym equipment and machinery, and areas for people to warm up and do stretches.

Having a mezzanine floor will allow you to further spread out your existing equipment or bring in additional equipment, or to provide a space in which to run classes. This will attract and allow for more users.

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