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Why you need racking for organisation within your business

You may be thinking that when it comes to racking for your warehouse there is only one size and one style. But there is never just ‘one size fits all’ as every business has its own needs and each warehouse will be different in size and shape.

Different types of racking
Here at Logical Storage we offer all styles of racking that will fit your businesses bespoke needs. We offer:

  • Wide Aisle – Wide aisling that is useful for easy access of people, goods and forklifts.
  • Very Narrow Aisle – This is useful for a warehouse with not much room as it utilises a lot of room in such a short space.
  • Double-deep – This is where the storage gets stores two rows deep instead of one.
  • Drive in/ Drive through – Racking designed so forklifts or machinery can drive in between or through it.
  • Dynamic push back – Racking with the ability to push items back through the racking with a roller system.
  • Mobile
  • Shuttle

It can be stressful choosing which one is best for your business needs so that is why it is best to take expert advice when choosing your storage solutions and to take your time – Rome wasn’t built in a day remember!

When choosing the best storage solution for your business, you need to consider many factors. These include the floor space, ceiling height, how often you need to access pallets and most importantly, how big your storage needs to be.

How can the right racking help organisation within your business?
Once you have figured out the best racking solution for you and your business, it is time to understand why it will help your organisation. Racking is one of the best storage methods for simplicity and ease of access. This is because it can hold tonnes of weight and it can hold many pallets/objects etc. at once meaning you don’t have to worry about it being too heavy or too much for one space.

Another reason racking is perfect for organisations is because you can organise it in a format which suits you, for example in a food warehouse you may organise it by food types, cereals, biscuits, drinks etc. or if it was a clothes warehouse you may even colour code it, for example green for male clothes, purple for female clothes etc. the list of possibilities is endless, and any way that you choose is sure to be organised if it is with a racking storage solution.

If you are still struggling on what solution to choose for racking, look on our website here or call us on 0845 689 1300 as we would be happy to help!