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Relocation – is there a better alternative?

In busy periods when your stock is piling up, orders are coming in thick and fast and new employees are joining your business, it’s not an unfamiliar sight to see a warehouse manager left scratching their head. However, believe it or not – relocating to new premises when you’re feeling pinched for space isn’t always the best strategy. In fact, the costs incurred can end up putting your business further behind at a time when continuity is vital. Here are a few points to consider before you take the plunge.

One of the key reasons for feeling claustrophobic in a warehouse is poor organisation. Often delays in processing can be caused by inefficient storage systems – your most popular items being stored at the back, rather than the front of racking, for example.

It’s worth investigating alternative racking solutions such as wide aisle, double-deep, drive in/drive through and dynamic forms of racking, as well as shelving options before you commit to the often unnecessary cost and time involved in moving.

Another reason businesses sometimes choose to move somewhere else is that they feel as if they need more space to work with. Perhaps, they’ve found a key piece of machinery that could help take things to the next level, or they need somewhere to house extra stock or members of staff. Whatever the reason for wanting to move, a viable alternative is often right above their heads. Many businesses operate in warehouses which quickly fill up on the ground level but by installing a mezzanine floor they can monopolize space that would otherwise be wasted using it to house new equipment, create extra workspaces, install more storage solutions or create an area for offices, toilets or breakrooms.

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