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Shelving solutions for libraries in schools and universities

Two of the most important standards for a library to maintain are order and of course, silence. While we can’t help with ensuring that your library users refrain from talking, we can help to ensure that your library is well organised.

Our mobile shelving can help to reduce the amount of time it takes to find a specific item and at the same time can free up valuable space in your library for other activities.

Today’s libraries are very different to how they once were and encapsulate a wide variety of materials and services for their users. Today many libraries house everything from paperback and hardback books to public records newspapers and multimedia items. They also now offer a broader range of services that includes book lending but also computer access, poetry and book readings, hot desking and access to media rooms.

With this in mind, space now comes at a premium and it is important for libraries to be able to maintain some order, and we have just the thing. Mobile shelving is an increasingly popular form of shelving which is used across many libraries, museums and universities in order to store away books, files and other small items.

It is set on rollers which means that it can be pushed together and moved apart quickly, creating a high density and easily adjustable form of shelving that frees up space. It will also help to keep your premises looking neat and tidy and allow your library users to easily locate what it is they are looking for.

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