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Make an impact with mezzanine floors and office partitions

If your office or work environment has seen better days then it might be time to think about a refurbishment.  By improving the space that you and your team work in, you could increase productivity, motivate your staff and create a long lasting impression with your clients and prospects.

If your office area, shop floor or other workspace is cluttered and messy then it can be difficult for workers to perform to the best of their abilities and having a disorganised work space can be off putting to clients. If you want to make the most of your space, organising your inventory is a good start but how else can you improve your operation?

Mezzanine floors

If you have a high ceiling then you could use mezzanine flooring to utilize space that might currently be wasted. In a warehouse situation, this would enable a more even spread of stock throughout your warehouse and may also help to speed up your operations.  If you run a retail business then a mezzanine floor could allow you to hold more stock on the shop floor and maximise potential profit.

Office partitions

If you work in an open plan area, the installation of an office partition can make a great addition to your layout, especially if you are in need of a space to hold meetings with clients or a staff room for your workers to relax. You can also consider soundproofing, which would help eliminate any external noise from a busy warehouse and ensure that your meetings remain confidential. Racking systems may also be beneficial to certain kinds of businesses.

Logical storage designs and installs mezzanine floors, office partitions, racking systems and lots more, helping to make the most of space and leave a great impression on anyone who visits. For more information please visit or call us today on 0845 689 1300.