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How mezzanine flooring helps businesses get ahead of competitors

The very best businesses, across all industries, are those that are willing to put themselves under a microscope in order to find opportunities to improve. Failing to do this effectively and regularly can stagnate growth and leave your business trailing behind the competition. Through our many years of providing storage solutions we have noticed that mezzanine floors can often play a key role in helping businesses to gain an upper hand and sustain growth. Let’s look at a few reasons why they are so beneficial.

Firstly, mezzanine floors can play an important part in helping businesses to remain adaptable to fluctuating markets. If a business experiences quick growth, but there are question marks over how long that growth will sustain, then it’s important that they don’t overcommit. For example, if they find that they are short on space they might consider moving facilities. However, this can be a fatal mistake should they pay the heavy costs of relocation and then find that demand starts to decline. Instead of enduring the headache of relocation, and all the financial and logistical problems it can entail, a better idea is to look at alternatives such as mezzanine floors which allow you to stay put.

Equally a business might be experiencing year on year growth and find that they are nearing their total capacity. While much can be done in the way of improving efficiency among your operations and processes, one of the major ways to free up space is to consider utilising the room above your head. So much of factory and warehouse space is often left unused, when, with the help of a mezzanine floor, it can be used to create a whole new area to work from, house state-of-the-art machinery, stock, equipment or alternative areas such as offices or break rooms for staff.

A mezzanine floor can be installed, erected and later dismantled if it is no longer needed. While the mezzanine floor is up, it can provide a whole new area of space within your business to suit a variety of purposes all whilst avoiding the costly downtime that comes with moving premises.

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The many uses of mezzanine flooring

When it comes to supporting growth and expansion, mezzanine flooring has quickly become one of the top go-to solutions for businesses across the UK.

With the rising price of property, it can be harder and harder to find a suitable site to relocate to. Not to mention the pressures and strains of uprooting your company and spreading the news that you have moved – this is why increasingly many businesses are turning to mezzanine flooring as a more favourable option.

One of the most popular environments for a mezzanine floor is that of retail and leisure. No matter whether a business is selling stationary, carpets or clothes right through to high-end vehicles, mezzanine flooring helps them to expand their stock, create departmental divides and provide dedicated areas for employee breaks. In fact, the creation of dedicated employee break areas, offices and meeting rooms is a key reason that businesses install mezzanine flooring. An example of this is in warehouses, which tend to be busy and not particularly corporate facing. Mezzanine flooring can be installed to house a quiet and professional looking space to meet important clients away from the shop floor.

However, creating suitable areas for employees and customers are not the only driver behind installing a mezzanine floor. In the production, manufacturing and distribution industries, mezzanine flooring can serve a very practical purpose. It can house heavy production lines, shelving and racking, assembly lines, and more. It can also create an isolated space away from the shop floor for highly specialized tasks that require a deeper level of concentration.

In most facilities there is an alarming amount of space that goes unused overhead. This is why building a mezzanine floor is a smart solution, helping you to house equipment, stock, or employee facilities and give your business the space it needs to grow.

Here at Logical Storage we have plenty of experience with helping businesses to move up rather than move out. We offer a no obligation consultation where we can assess your individual needs and offer cost effective and practical solutions. Click here to find out more or alternatively call us on 0845 689 1300.

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How to make your warehouse more adaptable in busy periods of the year

Even when a business is doing well it can still be a gamble to move premises. The costs involved and the difficulty in finding the perfect location elsewhere often leaves many business owners scratching their heads as to what the best solution is. However, the best answer often lies not right under the noses, but right above their heads.

Whether seasonal pressures build for your business during the lead up to Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or other industry related times of the year, it can be a challenge to keep up. If your warehouse is bursting at the seams then one of the best things you can do is conduct a thorough assessment of your premises. Walk around your warehouse and take note of any space that is currently unused – you might find that you are surprised by the results. Often room that you wouldn’t have even thought about using could be put to use and space elsewhere could be better organised.

One of our most popular solutions for businesses that are struggling for space is that of a mezzanine floor. Mezzanine floors make use of space that would otherwise be wasted. As warehouses tend to be quite tall there is often a lot of overhead space that can be taken advantage of, creating a new platform for a variety of tasks. Whether that new space is used for picking and packing, storage or even office space is entirely your decision, but either way it will increase the amount of room you have available and help you better meet the demands of a busy period for your business.

Another option to free up space is to utilise shelving or racking. From pallet racking to long span shelving and more there are lots of different options available that can help you to better manage your inventory and in turn reduce the amount of time it takes you or your employees to perform a task – reducing distribution times and improving the bottom line for your business.

Logical Storage specialise in both industrial and commercial storage equipment and offer a wide range of innovative products to increase your available storage and also improve productivity. We know that no two businesses are the same which is why we prepare quotes fully tailored towards your business and its unique needs. For more information and to talk to one of our experienced team please call us now on 0845 689 1300.

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How to meet growing demand for your goods

Any business is pleased when orders begin flying out the doors. However, while an increase in demand for your products is a positive thing, it can also provide headaches if you aren’t adequately prepared to deal with it. An increase in sales can put pressure on your staff and your infrastructure, which can eventually leave question marks over whether or not your warehouse or other business premises can sustain growth. However, there are some solutions out there to help you cope.

One way to meet growing demand and cope with the pressures of added work is to consider outsourcing some of your duties. This might mean asking another experienced and trusted business to help handle some of your work, for example by handling your human resources work, sales or even order fulfilment.  However, many business owners are understandably wary of outsourcing work away from their watchful eye.

An alternative to outsourcing work would be to ask your employees to work longer hours. The added time clocked in may allow for more work to be done and you can ensure that it meets your standards. However, asking your employees to work longer hours can often lead to poor morale, higher levels of absenteeism and may cause the quality of work to suffer. You could also consider employing another member of staff, but should the growth in your business not sustain itself you may find that you are left with an employee that is surplus to your requirements and hard to get rid of.

In our opinion there are better alternatives available to businesses when it comes to meeting demand. One way to adapt your business during a high pressure period is to consider how you can improve the layout of your site. Are there processes that could be sped up by better organisation – such as by using pallet racking or long span shelving? Both of these solutions can allow you to better organise your stock and provide you with more space and flexibility in your operations. A further way to increase your storage capacity is to consider installing a mezzanine floor. A mezzanine floor makes the most of the vertical space in your warehouse and allows you to operate in space that would normally be wasted. You can then use this newly created space to house machinery, equipment or better organise your current stock.

Logical Storage’s experienced team can help your warehouse to perform to its maximum potential. For more information on our racking solutions, mezzanine floors and office partitions please visit Alternatively, please call us on 0845 689 1300 for a tailored proposal.

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Expanding your business without losing your customers

One of the biggest concerns that many businesses have with moving premises is the risk of losing customers. Businesses spend many years building up their reputation and establishing a loyal base of customers and there is potential for losing them by relocating somewhere different.

However, it is possible to expand and upgrade your facilities without leaving your current site. This allows you to maximise your businesses capabilities without having to endure the cost, time and effort that comes with uprooting. This is especially the case at a time when purchasing commercial property comes at such a high cost.

An effective solution to this problem comes in the shape of mezzanine flooring. This is a type of flooring which can make the most of the upper areas of your building – space which would normally be wasted. Many warehouses, factories, retail units, car showrooms, restaurants and many other types of units have vertical space which could be used to create additional room. This space can then be used to house new assembly lines, racking, seating area, toilets, meeting rooms, whatever it is that you need to make space for.

What’s more, the process of installing and erecting a mezzanine floor can be over in just a matter of weeks.  This is much less stressful for you when compared with moving to a new property which will often take a very long time when you bear in mind the time it takes to find a suitable property, raise the capital to purchase it, sell your current premises, wait for all the formalities to take place, inform your customers and employees and actually move in to your new site.

If you are interested in finding out how your business could benefit from mezzanine flooring please contact us on 0845 689 1300 and request a tailored proposal. Alternatively, click here to find out more about our mezzanine flooring options.

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How to reduce absenteeism among your employees

Having your employees call in sick is part and parcel of running a business, but does it really have to happen so frequently?  Here we look at some ways that you can reduce absenteeism in your workforce.

While there are obvious ways to reduce illness from spreading amongst your employees such as improving workplace hygiene and ensuring that employees remain off work until they are no longer contagious, there are other ways that you can reduce absenteeism which can have a real impact too.

Making your business premises a pleasant place to work can pay dividends in terms of the morale of your employees and thus the amount of sick days that they tend to take.  When looking at how you can reduce absenteeism and look after your employees there are three key areas that you should focus on – organisation, health & safety and morale.

A workplace which is poorly optimised puts needless pressure on your employees making them work harder than they need to.  This is why it is important to periodically review your processes and see if there are any opportunities to streamline your operations and relieve some pressure.  Consider using mezzanine floors to house new machinery, assembly lines, workspaces or innovative racking and shelving solutions.

A workplace which is dangerous and has faulty equipment puts your employees at risk of injury.  If you don’t carefully follow guidelines then you risk serious accidents occurring which could put employees out of work beyond just a few days at a time. Protect your workers and your reputation by carrying out regular risk assessments.

Finally, research shows that employees who enjoy their working environment are less likely to fall ill and phone in sick to work.  So take a look at how you can improve your surroundings. Consider office partitions which can be used to create a bright, well lit area where you and your employees can take a well earned break.

Based in the Midlands, Logical Storage Solutions create solutions for businesses with an emphasis focussed on quality, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.  We provide a wide range of solutions for businesses from racking and shelving to mezzanine floors and office partitions.  For a tailored proposal designed to meet your specific needs please contact us on 0845 689 1300.

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Are you making these mistakes with your warehouse?

There is no one correct method to effectively running a warehouse and the particular way that you operate will always depend on the nature and needs of your business. However, there are some universal practices which should be adhered to and there are mistakes that can have, or may already be having, an overwhelmingly negative impact on your operations that you may not be aware of.

Poor organisation
An efficient and well organised warehouse space is absolutely essential to the profits of your business.  Reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to carry out a task by utilising mezzanine flooring, shelving and racking solutions can have an impressive impact on your picking rate and reduce any unnecessary wastage.

Poor Health and Safety management
While Health and Safety regulations can sometimes seem like an unnecessary burden to businesses, the consequences when something goes wrong are often far worse. Under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act a business can be found culpable for harm that comes to workers due to neglect of your duty of care. This means it is incredibly important to carry out regular inspections of your equipment to make sure they are safe to use.

Neglecting staff needs
It has been proven time and time again that looking after your employees can have a positive impact on your business, reducing levels of absenteeism and making your employees more productive.  Investing a small amount of money in creating a partitioned area for a quiet lunch area, toilets or office area for your employees can go a long way towards making their work day more enjoyable.

Here at Logical Storage, we know that no two businesses are the same and you may need a combination of different solutions to help optimise your warehouse.  For a tailored proposal designed to meet the specific needs of your business, call us on 0845 689 1300.

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3 ways to optimise your warehouse for the year ahead

Good management is the key to making sure that your warehouse can meet the demands of your clients and customers in the months and years ahead. This means not only ensuring that your employees work in a safe and practical manner but also that your warehouse is well organised to cope with the ebb and flow of seasonal trade.

As we begin 2017, many business owners will be looking at how best they can achieve their targets and goals for the year ahead. Here at Logical Storage we have extensive experience putting together combinations of storage solutions for businesses that help them to do exactly that.

One of the first examples of how a business can benefit from our storage solutions is that of a mezzanine floor. Continually one of the most popular solutions available, a mezzanine floor helps to maximise the space already available to you in your warehouse, reducing the need for relocation and allowing you to make more efficient use of your space.

Office partitions provide another route for improving your operations in your warehouse. An office partition can provide you with the space you need to conduct important meetings with clients and customers, make private phone calls, a space to do paperwork or create an area for your employees to take their lunch.

A third way that you can make the most of the room in your warehouse is to consider racking and shelving solutions, which are a fantastic way to better organise your inventory.  An experienced storage provider can help you to choose a system which is best suited to your operations, be it pallet racking systems like wide aisle or dynamic push back, or shelving solutions like carton flow and longspan.

Here at Logical Storage we know that no two businesses are the same and you may need a combination of different solutions to help create space in your warehouse.  For a tailored proposal designed to meet the specific needs of your business, call us on 0845 689 1300.

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How Mezzanine Flooring helps businesses in the manufacturing and production industry

Businesses in the production and manufacturing industries are increasingly turning to mezzanine flooring in order to remain competitive, but why are they such a good choice for these particular types of businesses?

First of all, if your company has got to the position where it has outgrown its current site then moving to a new property can be difficult. If demand is high then the idea of moving to a new site can seem intimidating. Would you lose business to competitors if you are forced to slow down your operations while you move to a new property? In comparison with a whole scale move, the time it takes to set up a mezzanine floor is minimal and will have minimal disruption on your activities.

Mezzanine flooring makes the most of space which would normally be wasted. Many warehouses and factories have high ceilings but they don’t make the most of them. In the manufacturing and production industries it is essential to be able to increase your productivity and using a mezzanine floor to house production and assembly lines can really help.

Here at Logical Storage we have plenty of experience with helping manufacturing businesses to move up rather than out. We offer a no obligation consultation where we can assess your individual needs and offer cost effective and practical solutions. Click here to find out more or alternatively you can call us on 0845 689 1300.

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Using a mezzanine floor to improve your warehouse operations

Growing businesses are always on the lookout for ways that they can strengthen and build upon their existing operations, and for those businesses that operate in warehouses and distribution centres, a mezzanine floor can be the perfect solution.

Warehouses and storage environments can be filled very quickly and this happens not only in busy periods but also during slower times of the year.

While space can sometimes be freed up by regular checks and removing build-ups of unwanted stock, you can make a significant impact by installing a mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine floors free up space by utilizing the upper areas of your building, so called ‘wasted’ space. This means that you can store products above head height and free up space below to be used for new stock, or in other creative ways.

As well as allowing you to fit more stock, they could also be put to other uses, for example by creating a space for packing operations, administrative duties or even simply as a staff room for your employees to give them space to eat their lunch and relax in privacy.

With rising rental costs it makes sense to look at ways in which you can develop your existing premises and continue your operations with minimum disruption rather than relocate. The entire process of installing a mezzanine floor can sometimes take only a few weeks which is in stark contrast to the time it takes to find a new warehouse and complete all the logistical hurdles involved in uprooting your business.

Of course mezzanine floors aren’t the right solution for everyone and here at Logical Storage we know that not every business is the same and rarely has the same requirements. Another alternative to mezzanine floors which could greatly improve the efficiency of your warehouse is to review your racking. Here at Logical Storage we offer a wide range of racking solutions  from wide aisle racking, very narrow aisle racking and cantilever racking to drive-in racking and dynamic push back racking, and it could be that your business may benefit from trying something new.

Logical Storage’s experienced team can help your warehouse to perform to its maximum potential. For more information on mezzanine floors please visit or click here to learn more about our racking options. Alternatively, please call us on 0845 689 1300 for a tailored proposal.