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Finding Extra Space in Small Warehouses

It is inevitable that as your business grows, you will find it a struggle to find sufficient space in a warehouse. Moving to larger premises with more space may seem like the next logical step, however this can be both an inconvenience and a huge expense. An alternative is to find extra space in your existing warehouse by considering innovative storage solutions which you may not have considered before. It can be surprising how a few small changes can make a large impact on the storage available, which will help your business continue to run smoothly and grow.

If you use your space efficiently and effectively, it can ensure your business can increase its productivity. Here are a few of our tips and solutions that you may want to try and consider.

Warehouse design
First of all, you should look at your existing warehouse plans. Looking at them closely, it may become obvious that you are not using all of your space effectively. Most warehouses evolve over time and can lead to adding bits here and there without looking at the entire design. Use a professional to help if you need it, as they can see potential space that you may be missing.

Increase floor space
You need to make sure you are getting the most out of your floor space, however existing floor space is not the only option. Consider the height of your warehouse and think about whether or not you are using all of this height to your advantage. If you are not, could you consider buying racking which can increase your storage significantly? If racking is not suitable but you desperately need floor space, could you look at having a mezzanine put in which will instantly provide you with valuable space.

Check where your inventory is placed
Always check to make sure the products in your warehouse are in the most logical place. Are the items which you need access to regularly easy to get to? Are any of your items seasonal? If so, do you ensure these non-seasonal items are out of the way and swapped over with the items you actually need? The main thing to remember is that a warehouse will usually change over time. What used to be a product you needed all the time may now not be. If this is the case, ensure you have changed the layouts around to reflect this. It will make the most of the space you have and also make your employees’ work easier, thus increasing productivity. Also, consider how much inventory you actually have to store in your warehouse. Are there any products you could buy in smaller batches?

Regularly tidy
This is an obvious one, but ensuring the warehouse is tidy will automatically make the most out of the space you have. Use signs and labels wherever possible to ensure all members of staff know exactly where everything is located.

Ask your staff
As good as it is to hire professionals when looking at a redesign, make sure you ask your staff as well. These are people who work there every day and know the warehouse the best. They will have valuable information about what they think works and doesn’t work which you will find helpful. They may also have some amazing ideas you hadn’t even considered before.

For more advice on storage solutions for your warehouse, we are here to help. At Logical Storage we have plenty of experience with helping businesses to move up rather than out. We offer a no obligation consultation where we can assess your individual needs and offer cost effective and practical solutions. Click here to find out more or alternatively call us on 0845 689 1300.