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What are the benefits of Mezzanine Flooring?

Deriving from the Italian word “Mezzano” meaning middle, mezzanine flooring provides an additional level between the main floors of a building. As long as you have sufficient vertical space available, a mezzanine floor could be a viable and beneficial option for your company. Here are just a few of the benefits you can gain by investing in it.

It is low cost
In comparison to having an extension built to your premises, a mezzanine floor is a convenient and low cost alternative

No need for relocation
If you have exceeded capacity at your current premises, a common option is to relocate. This, however, has many issues and will involve not only the costs of moving but also the cost of finding an alternative, larger space. Installing mezzanine flooring a way around this.

Maximises work space
A mezzanine floor can potentially double the work area you currently have.

Adds space and storage
A mezzanine floor could almost double the work area you currently have. They also provide that extra storage space many companies want.

It adds value
Adding mezzanine flooring can add value to your property in the long run as you have added valuable extra space. The value it can add will vary depending on the type and size of flooring you have installed.

It is bespoke
There are many options to choose from as the floor will be adapted and made especially for you to match your individual needs.

It is multi-functional
Whether you need it for additional storage or offices, mezzanine flooring can be adapted to meet those requirements.

Fast construction
Compared to building work if you were to have an extension, the instalment of a mezzanine floor is relatively simple and therefore can be done quickly, meaning you will have additional space quicker than if you had to extend or relocate.

Causes minimum disruption
Due to how quick the structure can be put up; this also means the amount of disruption caused in the work place will be kept to minimum. This is an amazing benefit for companies as it means the business can continue to function as usual and at normal capacity whilst the floor is being built.

No planning permission required
Although you will still need to ensure the addition of the mezzanine flooring meets both the building and health and safety regulations, you do not require planning permission for the project to be carried out.

Uses wasted vertical space
A lot of warehouses include vertical space which is never used. Mezzanine flooring allows you to create more floor space and optimise the space used.

It is adaptable
As the flooring is built from a light weight steel structure, it is very flexible and can be adapted to almost any warehouse. It can also be taken down if necessary, which is beneficial for premises that you rent.

Integrates easily with warehouse systems
Mezzanine flooring will fit seamlessly into your working environment and can be integrated with other warehouse systems such as pallet racking or conveyor systems, which can improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

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