Cantilever racking

Why choose Logical Cantilever Racking?

Logical Cantilever racking is specifically designed for the organised storage of long, heavy loads. It is the perfect storage solution for timber or metal storage, amongst many other things!

Product Features:

  • Fully bolt-together system
  • Single and double sided
  • Custom designed for your specific requirements
  • Heights of up to 10 metres are available
  • Weight loads of up to 5 tonnes per arm can be supported
  • Painted finish for internal applications or galvanized finish for external applications
  • A variety of paint finishes are available

In addition to the main product features listed above, we also have a range of optional extras, such as:

  • Removable endstops
  • Arm end ties
  • Cross support bars
  • Steel or timber decking

All of our designs meet current British standards, meaning you can rest assured that you're in safe hands!


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