Mezzanine flooring

Need extra space quickly and cost effectively? Why not move up rather than out?

Logical mezzanine flooring is designed, manufactured and installed to help businesses utilise the wasted area above. Whether it be consolidation or expansion, a Logical Mezzanine Floor could suit a variety of applications including storage, offices, production, retail and more. Why disrupt your organisation with costly building extensions or an unsettling relocation when a Logical mezzanine flooring could double or even triple your existing floor area in a matter of weeks?

The benefits of installing a Logical Mezzanine Floor

  • Quick and cost effective - allowing your business to adapt when your competitors may not.
  • A self supporting structure - limitations of current building are unrestrictive.
  • Flexible bolted construction - fully demountable to allow simple relocation as business strategies change.
  • Infinite design possibilities - we do not do "one size fits all". Mezzanine Flooring from Logical Storage Solutions is designed to suit the operational requirements of each business, so they can enjoy a return on their investment sooner.

With a countless array of possibilities in size, capacity and finish, our bespoke solution will support the needs of your organisation with minimal upheaval. We ensure your scheme is fully compliant with current regulations, freeing up you and your business to do what it does best.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation where we can assess the business needs and offer cost effective and practical solutions. Book your consultation now to discuss how mezzanine flooring can expand your workspace.


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